A Follower of Jesus Tells Others About Jesus

In the account of the call of the first disciples in the Gospel of John there is an interesting theme that occurs. Jesus calls one disciple and then that disciple goes and tells another person about Jesus. After Andrew started following Jesus, John 1:42 says, “Then Andrew brought Simon to meet Jesus.” The first response of Andrew, a new follower of Jesus was to then go tell his own brother. And his own brother Simon started to follow Jesus. Simon became more commonly known as Peter, one of the early leaders of the church.

And then after Jesus called Philip, John 1:45 says, “Philip went to look for Nathanael and told him, ‘We have found the very person Moses and the prophets wrote about!’

Andrew told Simon. Philip told Nathanael. A follower of Jesus tells others about Jesus.

I find it interesting that Jesus didn’t go to 12 individual people. But rather he called some who told others. That is how the Gospel works. God uses us to tell others. think abojut your own salvation story. Who did God use in your own life to lead you into a relationship with Jesus. For me it was both my mom and my dad. For you it may have been a college roommate, a youth pastor, a friend, a co-worker. God uses us to tell others which means that God is wanting to use your life to invite others into a relationship with Jesus.

Often we hear stories about a person coming to place their faith in Christ and they have a hunger and an urgency to now tell everyone they know about Christ. But then as they begin to get connected to a local church they realize that not everyone has that same hunger and urgency. In fact, the new believer can experience a great disappointment in discovering that many people in the church actually do not tell others about Christ.

Too often today the modern-day church has given into complacency when it comes to sharing the Gospel resulting in a chuch culture where few people are living outward lives. And so when new believers come into the church they adapt to the culture of the church. They model the example of other believers. We emphasis learning and not proclaiming. We unintentionally create an environment where we are inviting new believers “out” of the mission of Christ. We don’t discourage sharing the Gospel, in fact, it is probably mentioned many times in our sermons and Sunday School lessons and Bible Studies. But we tell new believers it is not a priority by not living it out ourselves.

The reality is that when one is truly following Jesus they will tell others. That is one of the marks of a disiple. Acts 1:8 tells us who we are as Christians: “…And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

We are ARE witnesses. That is who we are as followers of Jesus. When we choose not to declare Jesus to others we are making a decision to not be who we are made to be as Christians. If this is an area of fear or insecurity or complacency, would you begin in a place of asking God to help you live out who called has called you to be?

It could be you have allowed your heart to become indifferent. Then ask him for compassion. It could be you have given into fear. Then ask God to give you courage and boldness. It could be your life has become inward. Then ask him to turn your life outward toward those who do not know Christ. Matthew 28 gives us a place of obedience when it comes to declaring Christ. As you pray for an outward heart of compassion, look for places where you can respond in obedience. I have found in my own life that compassion often follows obedience.

Maybe you can make it a goal to tell one person a week about the Gospel. That may seem daunting. But now you have an outwardly prayer request. “God, please allow me to share the Gospel with someone this week” You now have a request that only God can answer. It also places an urgency in your life. “Oh, God, would you please bring people into me life!” The desire of your heart is now focused on the Gospel. You will now be looking and searching for these opportunities. Would you consider this challenge in your life?

We are called to declare Him. We are called to be witnesses of the hope that we have in Him. May we live out who we are as followers of Jesus.