My name is Jeff Horch and I am a pastor in Minnesota. I believe the Gospel calls us to face our lives outward toward those who do not yet know the hope of Christ. My naturally tendancy is to turn inward. This blog is a place for me to journal my thoughts on how I can be intentionally living an outward life for the sake of the Gospel. Many of these posts are unfinished thoughts. They represent my own wrestling and my own journey. They represent me seeking Scripture and desiring to walk in obedience to Scripture.

I chose to write down these thoughts because writing helps bring clarity to what I am working through in my heart and mind. I also chose to make them public through this blog in case what I am trying to work through is helpful to others.

If or rather when you get discouraged in your own journey to live outwardly for the sake of Christ please remember that as believers in Jesus Christ, He has promised us that he would be with us as we make Him known to All nations and that the Holy Spirit gives us the power to continue to be His witnesses. Keep persevering. You are living out the mission that God has called you to live out!