Living Outwardly While Eating Out

Last year I came across a video of a man talking about how he creates outward conversations with waiters when he is at restaurants. And his example has made a huge impact on my own life as I seek to live an outward-focused life. In the video he shared that when the food arrives at his table he says to the waiter, “We are going to pray before we eat, is there anything that we can pray for you about?”

This simply question has lead to some great interactions while at restaurants. While some waiters simply say, “No, I’m good” it is given others the opportunity to share very personal things in their life. And an opportunity to enter into their life and pray for these very personal things.

Here is one example:

One day I was having lunch with a friend from church and when the food came I asked the question to the young woman who brought our food. You could immediately tell that the question hit her deeply. Her expression quickly changed and she began to get emotional. After pausing for a moment, she said, “I am in a relationship that is not good. And I need to get out of it. And so I need a place for my son and I to move to.”

I thanked her for sharing and that we would definitely be praying for her. My friend and I then prayed for this young woman and that God would keep her safe and provide a place for her and her son to go.

After lunch, the same woman then came back and shared more about her situation. She shared that she is in an abusive relationship and she is trying to find a way to get out. But she doesn’t know how to get out or where to go. I knew of woman who had also been in a very difficult situation and I asked her if I could have this woman call her. She agreed.

This all come about because I asked a simply question, “how can I pray for you?”

The story doesn’t end there. This conversation happened about 2-weeks before COVID-19 shut everthing down. But 4-months later when restaurants opened back up, I was at that same restauant again and she was our server again but I didn’t recognize her because she was wearing a mask. But when she saw me she said, “are you the one who prayed for me?” And then she then told me that she has found a new place to live and that she was moving out of the area. She would only be working there for a few more days.

Our church was able to give her a significant cash gift and send her a card of encouragement as she entered into this new season. During these brief interactions I was able to encourage her with the hope and truth of Christ. We were able to remind her that there is a God who loves her and wants her to know Him. I believe God used those small moments in her life as he pursues her. I will never know what the full end of the story is, but I am glad I had those that brief moments of reminding her of the reality of the one true God.

And it all come about because of the simple question, “how can I pray for you?”

Would you consider asking this simple question next time you are out? You never know how God might use it as He uses you to accomplishes His purposes for His glory.

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